Choosing a Contractor

Where to start:

  • Ask for references and don’t be afraid to call them.
  • Employ a contractor who is licensed and well established in your area (local firms can be checked through The Chamber of Commerce).
  • Ask to see a copy of the contractors ‘Certificate of Insurance’ for both workers compensation and general liability. (Be sure your home and property are covered during and after the project is completed.)
Obtain a bid from a reputable contractor:
  • Be sure to discuss any variations in the bid with the contractor. Beware of substantially lower bids.
  • Ask questions about anything that you do not understand. Choose a company you feel comfortable with and one that is matched to the complexity of your job. Not all people are compatible for a project.

What to expect:

  • Everyone who begins a home repair and improvement process has a vision of the "dream" home they will have when it's completed. Few, however, give much thought to the dust, dirt, noise, inconveniences, scheduling delays, and slight problems which will need to be dealt with along the way. These elements are part of any remodeling job and every client needs to be realistic and accept the fact that there will be some inconveniences no matter how hard we try to prevent them.

    At Jim Rott Home Improvements & Air Conditioning, Inc. we realize that our workplace is your home. We respect that, and do our best to work around the circumstances of your life. However, it is helpful for both of us, if you anticipate our presence, and minimize the obstacles we encounter. We are committed to making the process of home improvement as pleasant as possible. We stress communication and honesty from the very beginning of the project, so everyone’s expectations are realistic.

Doing your part:

  • Be honest from the beginning regarding your expectations. Clear communication is the foundation of a successful project.
  • At the very first meeting with your contractor tell him your expectations of the company are, what you want to achieve with this project, your lifestyles, and family needs.
  • Explain any special situations that will need attention during the project such as children, the cat, the “good” china, and deadlines, etc.
  • Describe budget restraints or concerns. A reputable contractor won’t raise his price to your budget limit simply because you have the expendable cash on hand.

    At Jim Rott Home Improvements & Air Conditioning, Inc. we are committed to providing you, our customer, with the best solutions to your needs at a cost you can afford. We will not use inferior materials to cut costs, but we will help you get a professional, satisfying result that will make you happy for years to come, at a price that is within your budget.

    We have seen people time and again call us for help to fix the cheaper price job, discovering they have been penny wise and pound foolish. Not always by choice, but by lack of knowledge and not qualifying the contractor. When considering some of our competitors, remember: The bitterness of the poor quality lasts long after the sweet ness of the low price is gone. Price should never be your only concern.

    Jim Rott Home Improvements & Air Conditioning, Inc. works hard to maintain a strong relationship with our clients, before the project, during the construction, and for years to come as we continue to meet your home improvement needs.